What's new in Cloudera Data Warehouse Private Cloud

Learn about the new features in Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on CDP Private Cloud Data Services 1.5.3.

Impala supports updating Iceberg V2 tables

Using the UPDATE statement, you can now update the Iceberg V2 tables from Impala. See, Update data feature.

Added support for downloading root certificates for Impala-shell and Beeline

If your organization is using a custom Certificate Authority (CA) to sign security certificates for Embedded Container Service (ECS) or OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) environments, then as a non-DWAdmin user, you can download the root certificates (TLS) for connecting to Impala or Hive Virtual Warehouses from BI clients such as Impala-shell, Impyla, and Beeline from the CDW user interface. You no longer need to depend on your Administrators to provide you with the certificates. See Downloading root certificates for Kubernetes environments.

CDW validates whether Impala Virtual Warehouses has the complete CA chain

Impala Virtual Warehouses must have the LDAP certificate that contains the complete chain including the root CA certificate, without which it cannot function as expected. For example, an incomplete CA chain may cause an unauthorized error when connecting to Impala with an unclear message in the logs about not being able to connect to the LDAP server. To prevent such hard-to-debug issues later, CDW now validates whether Impala Virtual Warehouse has the complete CA chain during environment activation.

CDW performs port validation during environment activation

The CDW Runtime components such as Hue, Hive, and Impala require access to other services on the CDP Base cluster through specific ports as listed in Ports Used by Cloudera Runtime Components. Now when you activate an environment in CDW, CDW validates whether the following addresses for these Runtime components are present in the configuration, are reachable, and the corresponding ports are open:

  • HttpFS WebHDFS address found in the Hue configuration (hadoop.hdfs_clusters.default.webhdfs_url config), if present
  • WebHDFS address of the configured HDFS NameNodes (dfs.namenode.https-address config)
  • The address of the Ranger service (ranger.plugin.hive.policy.rest.url config)

If the required ports are not open, then the CDW environment activation fails.