What's new in Edge Flow Manager

Edge Flow Manager (EFM) is a solution that enables you to manage, control, and monitor agents that are deployed on the edge devices in IoT implementations. You can use these agents to collect real-time data originating from the devices to create and push actionable intelligence and insights to the place of data origin.

Edge Flow Manager 1.4.1 is a feature release that contains performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features including:
  • Added pushing assets to agents functionality. The functionality is in Tech Preview.

    The main new functionality in this release allows the user to push assets to the agents so the agent can download any arbitrary asset needed for a processor. For example, it can be used to push enhanced Machine Learning models to support decision making on the edge. For more information, see Using Asset Push Command.

  • Added Cron scheduling support for processors.

    In addition to Event and Timer based scheduling, Cron based scheduling is now also available for processors.

  • Added heartbeat compression support.

    If the agent is sending a GZIP compressed heartbeat request, EFM now is able to detect and process it automatically, no additional configuration is needed. This can be useful in cases when CEM setup is constrained on the network bandwidth side but has plenty of compute capacity available.

For more information on bug fixes, see Fixed issues.