Managing agents in CEM

Learn about the Agent Manager and how to manage agents in Cloudera Edge Management (CEM).

The Agent Manager view provides you better understanding and more control over the agents in the system. The health of the agents can be easily monitored. Richer details about the agents can be retrieved. With the debug command option, live logs and configuration can be gathered without leaving EFM. With the property update functionality, the agent configuration can be changed through EFM.

Learn about the options, available in the Agent Manager screen, that enable you to view, filter, and initiate commands on specific agents.

To access the Agent Manager view, select the Agent Manager () option from the menu. The Agent Manager screen appears, as shown in the following image:

Edit Table Layout

CEM provides a dynamically editable table view to make the listing view as customizable as possible depending on your needs. For more information about how to customize the table view in Agent Manager screen, see Edit table layout in CEM.

Sorting and filtering

You can sort data by most of the columns in ascending or descending order by clicking the column name. You can also filter the agents. To do this select the column name in the drop-down box at the top-right corner of the UI, enter the filter value, and press RETURN on the keyboard to apply the filter.

You can use multiple column names and filter values to filter your data. Here is an example of filtering by Status and Class Name:

Items per page

You can set the displayed item count per page by using the Items per page dropdown at the bottom of the page near the pagination options. If there is more than one page available, you can use that navigation panel to jump to the first, previous, next, or straight to the last page.

View agent details

The agent details view is accessible through the View Agent Details icon in the extreme right of the given agent’s row. For more information about viewing agent details, see Agent details in CEM.