What's New in Cloudera Manager 7.2.1

New features and changed behavior in Cloudera Manager. (CDP Public Cloud)

API for regenerating host certificates can now rotate certificates without using SSH

Using the Cloudera Manager API, host certificates can now be rotated without providing SSH credentials, provided that the host has a healthy heartbeat.

The endpoint for generating host certificates is:

New RAZ service for access control to Microsoft Azure (Technical Preview)

Ranger Azure Authorization (RAZ) enables Ranger access control and auditing for CDP on ADLS-Gen2.

For more information, see Ranger Azure Authorization (RAZ).

Changed Behavior

New default configuration values in Kafka
The default value of the Kafka zookeeper.session.timeout.ms configuration property for the has been changed from 6000 to 18000 and the default value for replica.lag.time.max.ms has been changed from 10000 to 30000.
Cruise Control now infers Kerberos and SSL settings
The security.protocol configuration property of the Cruise Control service has been removed, and the value is now inferred from the Kafka broker configuration.
The Hue load balancer now rebalances users to the least used Hue instance
The Hue load balancer now generates a new cookie value when the Load Balancer role is restarted.
Admin port has been removed from Solr configurations
The Admin port has been removed from Solr configurations for clusters running CDH 6.x or Cloudera Runtime 7.x because it is no longer used.
Changing port numbers to non-ephemeral ports
Kafka Connect default ports are now non-ephemeral ports.
The default wal provider has been changed from AsyncFSWal to Filesystem
A new configuration property, hbase.wal.regiongrouping.delegate.provider has been added to the HBase configuration properties.
Hue in Data Hub has the Solr Data Lake as a dependency instead of the Data Hub
It is now possible to configure Hue's Solr dependency correctly to support building Solr applications in Data Hub clusters using the Hue interface.