Enabling Kerberos Authentication for Hadoop Using the Command Line

Here are the general steps to configuring secure Hadoop, each of which is described in more detail in the following sections:

  1. Install CDH 5.
  2. Verify User Accounts and Groups in CDH 5 Due to Security.
  3. If you are Using AES-256 Encryption, install the JCE Policy File.
  4. Create and Deploy the Kerberos Principals and Keytab Files.
  5. Shut Down the Cluster.
  6. Enable Hadoop security.
  7. Configure secure HDFS.
  8. Optional: Configuring Security for HDFS High Availability.
  9. Optional: Configuring secure WebHDFS.
  10. Optional: Configuring secure NFS
  11. Set Variables for Secure DataNodes.
  12. Start up the NameNode.
  13. Start up a DataNode.
  14. Set the Sticky Bit on HDFS Directories.
  15. Start up the Secondary NameNode (if used).
  16. Configure Either MRv1 Security or YARN Security.