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Cloudera Support

Cloudera can help you install, configure, optimize, tune, and run CDH for large scale data processing and analysis. Cloudera supports CDH whether you run it on servers in your own datacenter or on hosted infrastructure services, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Compute Engine.

If you are a Cloudera customer, you can:

If you are not a Cloudera customer, learn how Cloudera can help you.

Information Required for Logging a Support Case

Before you log a support case, ensure you have either part or all of the following information to help Support investigate your case:

  • If possible, provide a diagnostic data bundle following the instructions in Collecting and Sending Diagnostic Data to Cloudera.
  • For security issues, see Logging a Security Support Case.
  • Provide details about the issue such as what was observed and what the impact was.
  • Provide any error messages that were seen, using screen capture if necessary & attach to the case.
  • If you were running a command or performing a series of steps, provide the commands and the results, captured to a file if possible.
  • Specify whether the issue took place in a new install or a previously-working cluster.
  • Mention any configuration changes made in the follow-up to the issue being seen.
  • Specify the type of release environment the issue is taking place in, such as sandbox, development, or production.
  • The severity of the impact and whether it is causing outage.

Community Support

There are several vehicles for community support. You can:

  • Register for the Cloudera forums.
  • If you have any questions or comments about CDH, you can visit the Using the Platform forum.
  • If you have any questions or comments about Cloudera Manager, you can
    • Visit the Cloudera Manager forum forum.
    • Cloudera Express users can access the Cloudera Manager support mailing list from within the Cloudera Manager Admin Console by selecting Support > Mailing List.
    • Cloudera Enterprise customers can access the Cloudera Support Portal from within the Cloudera Manager Admin Console, by selecting Support > Cloudera Support Portal. From there you can register for a support account, create a support ticket, and access the Cloudera Knowledge Base.
  • If you have any questions or comments about Cloudera Navigator, you can visit the Cloudera Navigator forum.
  • Find more documentation for specific components by referring to External Documentation.

Get Announcements about New Releases

To get information about releases and updates for all products, visit the Release Announcements forum.

Report Issues

Your input is appreciated, but before filing a request: