Viewing and Reverting Configuration Changes

Minimum Required Role: Configurator (also provided by Cluster Administrator, Full Administrator)

Whenever you change and save a set of configuration settings for a service or role instance or a host, Cloudera Manager saves a revision of the previous settings and the name of the user who made the changes. You can then view past revisions of the configuration settings, and, if desired, roll back the settings to a previous state.

Viewing Configuration Changes

  1. For a service, role, or host, click the Configuration tab.
  2. Click the History and Rollback button. The most recent revision, currently in effect, is shown under Current Revision. Prior revisions are shown under Past Revisions.
    • By default, or if you click Show All, a list of all revisions is shown. If you are viewing a service or role instance, all service/role group related revisions are shown. If you are viewing a host or all hosts, all host/all hosts related revisions are shown.
    • To list only the configuration revisions that were done in a particular time period, use the Time Range Selector to select a time range. Then, click Show within the Selected Time Range.
  3. Click the Details... link. The Revision Details dialog box displays.

Revision Details Dialog

For a service or role instance, shows the following:
  • A brief message describing the context of the changes
  • The date/time stamp of the change
  • The user who performed the change
  • The names of any role groups created
  • The names of any role groups deleted

For a host instance, shows just a message, date and time stamp, and the user.

The dialog box contains two tabs:
  • Configuration Values - displays configuration value changes, where changes are organized under the role group to which they were applied. (For example, if you changed a Service-Wide property, it will affect all role groups for that service). For each modified property, the Value column shows the new value of the property and the previous value.
  • Group Membership - displays changes to the changed the group membership of a role instance (moved the instance from one group to another). This tab is only shown for service and role configurations.

Reverting Configuration Changes

  1. Select the current or past revision to which to roll back.
  2. Click the Details... link. The Revision Details dialog box displays.
  3. Click the Configuration Values tab.
  4. Click the Revert Configuration Changes button. The revert action occurs immediately. You may need to restart the service or the affected roles for the change to take effect.