Impala Metadata Replication

Impala metadata replication is performed as a part of Hive replication. Impala replication is only supported between two CDH 5 clusters. The Impala and Hive services must be running on both clusters. To enable Impala metadata replication, schedule Hive replication as described in Configuring Replication of Hive Data. When performing this procedure, confirm that the Replicate Impala Metadata checkbox in the Create Replication dialog box is checked.

As long as the above conditions are met, the replication of Impala metadata happens automatically as part of Hive replication. Impala metadata replication is enabled by default.

When you select the Replicate Impala Metadata property, Impala UDFs (user-defined functions) will be available on the target cluster, just as on the source cluster. As part of replicating the UDFs, the binaries in which they are defined are also replicated.