Managing Sqoop 2

Cloudera Manager can install the Sqoop 2 service as part of the CDH installation.

You can elect to have the service created and started as part of the Installation wizard if you choose to add it in Custom Services. If you elect not to create the service using the Installation wizard, you can use the Add Service wizard to perform the installation. The wizard will automatically configure and start the dependent services and the Sqoop 2 service. See Adding a Service for instructions.

Installing JDBC Drivers

The Sqoop 2 service does not ship with third-party JDBC drivers; you must download them separately. For information on downloading and saving the drivers, see Configuring Sqoop 2. Ensure that you do not save JARs in the CDH parcel directory /opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH, because this directory is overwritten when you upgrade CDH.