Manual CDH Upgrade Steps for DSSD D5

Do the steps in this section only if the upgrade wizard reports a failure or you choose Manual Upgrade from the Upgrade wizard.

Back Up Metastore Databases

For each affected service:
  1. If not already stopped, stop the service.
  2. Back up the database. See Backing Up Databases.

Upgrade HDFS Metadata

If you are upgrading from CDH 5.8 to CDH 5.9 or higher, upgrade the HDFS metadata:
  1. Start the ZooKeeper service.
  2. Go to the HDFS service.
  3. Select Actions > Upgrade HDFS Metadata and click Upgrade HDFS Metadata to confirm.

Upgrade the Oozie ShareLib

  1. Go to the Oozie service.
  2. Select Actions > Start and click Start to confirm.
  3. Select Actions > Install Oozie ShareLib and click Install Oozie ShareLib to confirm.

Upgrade Sqoop

  1. Go to the Sqoop service.
  2. Select Actions > Stop and click Stop to confirm.
  3. Select Actions > Upgrade Sqoop and click Upgrade Sqoop to confirm.

Upgrade Spark

  1. Go to the Spark service.
  2. Select Actions > Stop and click Stop to confirm.
  3. Select Actions > Install Spark JAR and click Install Spark JAR to confirm.

Start Cluster Services

  1. On the Home > Status tab, click to the right of the cluster name and select Start.
  2. Click Start that appears in the next screen to confirm. The Command Details window shows the progress of starting services.

    When All services successfully started appears, the task is complete and you can close the Command Details window.

Finalize HDFS Metadata Upgrade

Finalize the HDFS metadata upgrade. To determine when to finalize the upgrade, run important workloads and ensure that they are successful. After you have finalized the upgrade, you cannot roll back to a previous version of HDFS without using backups. Verifying that you are ready to finalize the upgrade can take a long time. Make sure you have enough free disk space, keeping in mind that the following behavior continues until the upgrade is finalized:
  • Deleting files does not free up disk space.
  • Using the balancer causes all moved replicas to be duplicated.
  • All on-disk data representing the NameNodes metadata is retained, which could more than double the amount of space required on the NameNode and JournalNode disks.
To finalize the metadata upgrade:
If you are performing the manual steps on this page because of a failed rolling upgrade, use the following steps to Finalize the HDFS Metadata Upgrade:
  1. Go to the HDFS service.
  2. Select Actions > Finalize Rolling Upgrade and click Finalize Rolling Upgrade to confirm.

Otherwise, finalize the HDFS Metadata upgrade using the following steps:

  1. Go to the HDFS Service.
  2. Select the Instances tab.
  3. From the list of Roles, click NameNode.
  4. Select Actions > Finalize Metadata Upgrade .

Deploy Client Configuration Files

  1. On the Home page, click to the right of the cluster name and select Deploy Client Configuration.
  2. Click the Deploy Client Configuration button in the confirmation pop-up that appears.