Enabling Kerberos Authentication Using the Wizard

Minimum Required Role: Cluster Administrator (also provided by Full Administrator)

This guide describes how to use Cloudera Manager and the Kerberos wizard (introduced in Cloudera Manager 5.1.0) to automate many of the manual tasks of implementing Kerberos security on your CDH cluster.
  • Prerequisites - These instructions assume you know how to install and configure Kerberos, you already have a working Kerberos key distribution center (KDC) and realm setup, and that you've installed the following Kerberos client packages on all cluster hosts and hosts that will be used to access the cluster, depending on the OS in use.
    OS Packages Required
    RHEL 7 Compatible, RHEL 6 Compatible, RHEL 5 Compatible
    • openldap-clients on the Cloudera Manager Server host
    • krb5-workstation, krb5-libs on ALL hosts
    • openldap2-client on the Cloudera Manager Server host
    • krb5-client on ALL hosts
    Ubuntu or Debian
    • ldap-utils on the Cloudera Manager Server host
    • krb5-user on ALL hosts
    • krb5-workstation, krb5-libs on ALL hosts
    Furthermore, Oozie and Hue require that the realm support renewable tickets. Cloudera Manager supports setting up kerberized clusters with MIT KDC and Active Directory.
  • Cloudera supports the Kerberos version that ships with each supported operating system listed in CDH and Cloudera Manager Supported Operating Systems.