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2.4. Troubleshooting



500 Usernames not matched: name=root != expected=ambari-server

If your cluster is configured for Kerberos, double-check WebHDFS Authorization setting and confirm the “proxyuser=” part of the string is set to the Ambari Server principal name.

For example:


Refer to Kerberos Settings.

500 User: ambari-server is not allowed to impersonate admin

HDFS has not been configured for Ambari as a proxy user.

Refer to Configuring Your Cluster.

500 SIMPLE authentication is not enabled. Available:[TOKEN, KERBEROS]

If your cluster is configured for Kerberos, you cannot use the Local Cluster Configuration option. You must use the Custom Cluster Configuration option and enter the WebHDFS FileSystem URI.

For example:


Refer to Cluster Configuration: Custom