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2.2. Kerberos Setup for Tez Views

To set up basic Kerberos for views, see Set Up Kerberos for Ambari Server in Hortonworks Data Platform Apache Ambari Security.

After you have set up basic Kerberos for the Tez View, you must set the following configuration properties:

  1. On the timeline server host, set the following values for properties in the YARN configuration for Ambari-managed clusters or the yarn-site.xml for manually deployed clusters:

    Table 14.3. Kerberos Settings for Tez Views



    yarn.timeline-service.http-authentication.proxyuser.${ambari principal name}.hosts


    yarn.timeline-service.http-authentication.proxyuser.${ambari principal name}.users


    yarn.timeline-service.http-authentication.proxyuser.${ambari principal name}.groups


    Timeline HTTP Auth


    RM HTTP Auth



    Tez View will not work in a kerberized cluster, if Timeline HTTP Auth and RM HTTP Auth properties are not set to kerberos.

    For example, if the Kerberos principal used for the Ambari server is ambari-service@EXAMPLE.COM, replace ${ambari principal name} with ambari-service.

  2. Restart the Timeline Server so your configuration changes take effect.