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1.3. Setup HDFS User Directory

The Hive View stores user metadata in HDFS. By default, the location in HDFS for this metadata is /user/${username} where ${username} is the username of the currently logged in user that is accessing the Hive View.


Since many users leverage the default Ambari admin user for getting started with Ambari, the /user/admin folder needs to be created in HDFS. Therefore, be sure to create the admin user directory in HDFS using these instructions prior to using the view.

To create user directories in HDFS, do the following for each user you plan to have use the Hive View.

  1. Connect to a host in the cluster that includes the HDFS client.

  2. Switch to the hdfs system account user.

    su - hdfs
  3. Using the HDFS client, make an HDFS directory for the user. For example, if your username is admin, you would create the following directory.

    hadoop fs -mkdir /user/admin
  4. Set the ownership on the newly created directory. For example, if your username is admin, you would make that user the directory owner.

    hadoop fs -chown admin:hadoop /user/admin