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1. Configuring Your Cluster

For the Pig View to access HDFS, the Ambari Server daemon hosting the view needs to act as the proxy user for HDFS. This allows Ambari to submit requests to HDFS on behalf of the users using the Pig View. This is critical since the Pig View will store metadata about the user Pig scripts. This also means users that will access the Pig View must have a user directory setup in HDFS. In addition, the Pig View uses WebHCat to submit Pig scripts so the View needs a proxy user for WebHCat.


If you are running views in an operational Ambari server (one that is operating the cluster) Ambari does this setup by default. You should verify that the setup described in the following subsections has been completed. If you are running views on a standalone server, you must setup proxy user settings manually, using the following instructions.