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1. Requirements for Hue-to-Views Migration


  • Hue service must have a network connection to an Ambari Server serving the Hue-to-Views migration tool.

  • Ambari Server must be enabled as a views server.

  • Database access rights must be granted to the Hue back-end database (mysql, oracle, and postgresql).

Supported Artifacts and Expectations

The Hue-to-Views migration tool supports migrating the following artifacts:


  • Saved Queries

  • Query History


  • Saved scripts

  • Pig Jobs


Scripts maintain the same status in the Ambari Views Framework as they had in Hue. The Hue-to-Views Migration tool does not validate scripts.

Some hive queries (mysql version 0.4.0) may fail to migrate, and cause the Hue-to-Views migration to stop.

The Hue-to-Views migration tool does not support HA. You must provide the current, active namenode for the target cluster regarding the Webhdfs URI for Ambari.