Administering Ambari
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Ambari-managed host participation

When you use Ambari to configure manage.include.file properities for HDFS and YARN, Ambari manages how hosts for each component participate in the cluster when you add, delete, or decommission a component.

You can configure Ambari to manage the hosts that participate in a cluster for both YARN and HDFS services. You can enable this feature only for HDFS or for YARN, or for both services. When enabled, Ambari manages files included and excluded and updates their contents based on the state of hosts as displayed in Ambari Web. When files changes occur, Ambari calls the necessary refreshNodes commands to update the DataNode, NameNode, and ResourceManager host states as necessary.

Table 1. User Actions, Ambari Operations, and Automated Tasks
User Action Ambari Operation Include File Action Exclude File Action Refresh Nodes Call Triggers Master Restart Indicator
Add a NodeManager or DataNode Add Component Add hostname Remove hostname Yes No
Remove a NodeManager or DataNode Delete Component Remove hostname Remove hostname No No
Decommission a NodeManager or DataNode Decommission Component Remove hostname (YARN only) Add hostname Yes No
Recommission a NodeManager or DataNode Recommission Component Add hostname (YARN only) Remove hostname Yes No