Administering Ambari
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Configure password policy for users

Ambari administrator can configure password policy for users.

You as an Ambari administrator can configure password policy users by performing the following steps:
  1. On the Ambari Server host, open open /etc/ambari-server/conf/ with a text editor.
  2. Add security.password.policy.regexp={some regexp} to file. Regular expression should follow the Java regex format
    ‘\’ character should be escaped by ‘\\’.
  3. Add property security.password.policy.description={some description} to file.
    The plain text description of password policy will be displayed to end users when they attempt to change the password to insecure value.

    security.password.policy.description=Minimum length=15, Must contain at least three out of the following four character types (numeric character, lower case alphabetic characters, upper case alphabetic characters, punctuation/special symbol)

  4. Restart the Ambari Server.