Managing and Monitoring a Cluster
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Disable service auto start settings from Ambari Web

Disable Auto Start Settings to prevent components in a stopped state in your cluster from re-starting automatically.

As a Cluster Administrator or Cluster Operator, you can enable each component in your cluster to re-start automatically. Enabling auto-start for a service causes the ambari-agent to attempt re-starting service components in a stopped state without manual effort by a user. Auto-start attempts do not display as background operations. To disable Auto-Start Services:
  1. In Ambari Web > Cluster Admin, click Service Auto Start.
    Auto-Start Settings is enabled by default, but only the Ambari Metrics Collector component is set to auto-start by default.
  2. In Auto-Start Settings, click the green Enabled button.
    The Auto Start settings button toggles to Disabled.

  3. To clear all pending status changes before saving them, click Cancel.
  4. When you complete changes to your auto-start settings, click Save.