Managing and Monitoring a Cluster
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Enable Service Auto Start from Ambari Web

Use Cluster Admin > Service Auto Start to control whether components in a stopped state re-start automatically.

As a Cluster Administrator or Cluster Operator, you can enable each service in your stack to re-start automatically. Enabling auto-start for a service causes the ambari-agent to attempt re-starting service components in a stopped state without manual effort by a user. As a first step, you should enable auto-start for the worker nodes in the core Hadoop services, the DataNode and NameNode components in YARN and HDFS, for example. You should also enable auto-start for all components in the SmartSense service. After enabling auto-start, monitor the operating status of your services on the Ambari Web dashboard. Auto-start attempts do not display as background operations. To manage the auto-start status for components in a service:
  1. In Ambari Web > Cluster Admin, click Service Auto Start.
    Auto-Start Settings is enabled by default, but only the Ambari Metrics Collector component is set to auto-start by default.
  2. To toggle auto-start settings from Enabled to Disabled and back, click the Auto-Start settings button.
  3. To set a componet to restart automatically, click the Auto-Start checkbox for a component.
  4. To set all components to auto-start, click the Auto Start checkbox.
  5. To clear all pending status changes before saving them, click Cancel.
  6. When you complete changes to your auto-start settings, click Save.
To diagnose issues with service components that fail to start, check the ambari agent logs, located at: /var/log/ambari-agent.log on the component host.