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Using custom and private host names

Example scenarios for using custom and public host names.

Ambari Agents can be configured to register with the Ambari Server using custom host names and public host names. Ambari uses the host name of the agent to name and refer to that host in Ambari Web, for example in the Hosts list. The public host name, if configured, is used as an alias for the host when referenced in configuration and is used in Quick Links URLs.

To determine whether to use a custom host name or public host name, consider the following scenarios:
Table 1. When To Use Custom and Public Host Names
Scenario Configuration
If you have a host with the host name revo1.hortonworks.local, but you want it to show up in Ambari web UI as c1r1.hortonworks.local, you should: Configure a custom host name
If you have a host with the host name revo1.hortonworks.local and want to use a DNS CNAME of nn1.hortonworks.local to be used for Quick Links and as a configuration alias, you should: Configure a public host name