Administering Ambari
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Increase MySQL wait_timeout and interactive_timeout settings

Adjust the following properties to increase the timeout values for a MySQL Ambari backend database:

If using MySQL as the Ambari database:

It is critical that the Ambari configuration for server.jdbc.connection-pool.max-idle-time and server.jdbc.connection-pool.idle-test-interval are lower than the MySQL wait_timeout and interactive_timeout set on the MySQL side.

  1. In your MSQL configuration, increase the wait_timeout, interactive_timeout, and max. connections settings.
    Table 1. Recommended MySQL Timeout and Connection Settings
    Setting Default Recommended
    wait_timeout 8 hrs (28800)
    interactive_timeout 8 hrs (28800)
    max. connections 32 128
  2. If you choose to decrease these timeout values, adjust connection pool settings in the Ambari configuration so that they are less than the adjusted wait_timeout and interactive_timeout values.
    Table 2. Recommended MySQL Connection Pool Settings
    Connection Pool Setting Value Must Be Timout Setting
    downserver.jdbc.connection-pool.max-idle-time < wait_timeout
    server.jdbc.connection-pool.idle-test-interval < interactive_timeout