Managing and Monitoring a Cluster
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Access Ambari Admin page

As an Ambari administrator, you use the Admin page to perform tasks that require Ambari-level permissions.

Only an Ambari administrator can access the Ambari Admin page from Ambari Web. The Ambari Admin page supports tasks such as creating a cluster, managing users, groups, roles, and permissions, and managing stack versions.
  1. From the user menu, click the Manage Ambari option.

    The user menu displays the user name of the current user. The Manage Ambari option appears only for users assigned Ambari Administrator access to the cluster.
    If Ambari Server is stopped, you can restart it using a command line editor.
  2. If necessary, start Ambari Server on the Ambari Server host machine.
    ambari-server start
    Typically, you start the Ambari Server and Ambari Web as part of the installation process.