Managing and Monitoring a Cluster
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Delete a component

Use Component > Actionto delete a decommissioned component:

Decommision the component that you intend to delete.
  1. Using Ambari Web, browse the Hosts page.
  2. Find and click the FQDN of the host on which the component resides.
  3. In Components, find a decommissioned component.
  4. If the component status is Started, stop it.
    A decommissioned slave component may restart in the decommissioned state.
  5. Click Delete from the Action drop-down menu.
    Deleting a slave component, such as a DataNode does not automatically inform a master component, such as a NameNode, to remove the slave component from its exclusion list.
    Adding a deleted slave component back into the cluster presents the following issue: The added slave remains decommissioned from the master's perspective. Restart the master component, as a work-around.
  6. Restart services.
Ambari recognizes and monitors only the remaining components.