Managing and Monitoring a Cluster
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Make a previous service version current

Use Make Current to revert a cluster to operate using a previous configuration version.

[SERVICE_NAME] > Configs displays specific property values from the current service configuration. Configs also supports comparing details from the current version with a previous one. All versions in a service configuration history display as version-numbered rows across the Versions menu. When browsing multiple config versions displayed in the Versions menu, click a version row to display options to view, compare, or make current. The Make Current option reverts the cluster to operate using a previous config version. Make Current creates (clones) a new, current service configuration version using the configuration properties from the older version you are comparing.
From the Version list, click any version, then click Make Current.

After initiating the Make Current operation, Make Current Confirmation prompts you to enter text that descibes the new version. To confirm and save the new version after typing descriptive text, click Make Current.