Managing and Monitoring a Cluster
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Bulk add or delete service components

Use the Hosts > Actions > [COMPONENT_NAME] > Delete option to delete multiple components in your cluster.

Before adding new components, make sure all hosts have sufficient memory and disk space.

Before deleting service components, you must stop them. Services that support decommissioning should be first decommissioned, then stopped, then deleted.


Warning!!Bulk-deleting services that store data, such as datanodes, regionservers, without decommissioning them first may result in data loss. Deleting more datanodes than the configured dfs.replication.factor, without first decommissioning them completely, will result in permanent data loss.

Use the Actions UI control to act on hosts in your cluster. Actions that you perform that comprise more than one operation, possibly on multiple hosts, are also known as bulk operations. The bulk component management behavior is similar to individual service component management, so usual best practices apply.
  1. In the Hosts page, select or search for multiple hosts.
  2. Using the Actions control, click Selected Hosts > [COMPONENT_NAME] > Delete.

  3. Click OK to confirm the bulk operation.
After adding components, consider adjusting the resource allocations of other components on the same hosts to accommodate the new component.