Managing and Monitoring a Cluster
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Delete a service widget

Use the Widget Browser or the edit widget icon options to delete service widgets from a service Metircs tab.

The Widget Browser displays the widgets available to add to your Metircs tab, widgets already added to your dashboard, shared widgets, and widgets you have created. Multiple users can view widgets identified by the Shared icon. The Widget Browser also supports creating and deleting new service widgets.
  1. On the Metrics tab, either click + to launch the Widget Browser, or click Metrics > Actions > Create Widget.
    The Widget Browser displays all current service widgets.

  2. In the Widget Browser, click a green, Added checkmark for any widget that displays one.
    This removes the widget from the Metrics tab. This does not delete the widget from the Widget Browser.
    The widget disappears from the the Metrics tab and no longer shows a green, Added checkmark in the Widget Browser.
  3. Only for a widget that you created, you can click More... > Delete.
    For a shared widget, only an Ambari Admin or Cluster Operator has the Delete option. Deleting a shared widget removes the widget from all users. Deleting a shared widget cannot be undone.
    The widget disappears from the Widget Browser.
To remove a widget from the Metries tab, click the edit widget icon , then click Delete.