Managing and Monitoring a Cluster
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Ambari alerts

Descriptions, potential causes and possible rememdies for alerts triggered by Ambari.

Table 1. Ambari Alerts
Alert Alert Type Description Potential Causes Possible Remedies
Host Disk Usage SCRIPT This host-level alert is triggered if the amount of disk space used on a host goes above specific thresholds (50% warn, 80% crit ). The amount of free disk space left is low. Check host for disk space to free or add more storage.
Ambari Agent Heartbeat SERVER This alert is triggered if the server has lost contact with an agent.

Ambari Server host is unreachable from Agent host.

Ambari Agent is not running.

Check connection from Agent host to Ambari Server.

Check Agent is running.

Ambari Server Alerts SERVER This alert is triggered if the server detects that there are alerts which have not run in a timely manner.

Agents are not reporting alert status.

Agents are not running.

Check that all Agents are running and heartbeating.
Ambari Server Performance SERVER This alert is triggered if the Ambari Server detects that there is a potential performance problem with Ambari. This type of issue can arise for many reasons, but is typically attributed to slow database queries and host resource exhaustion. Check your Ambari Server database connection and database activity. Check your Ambari Server host for resource exhaustion such as memory.