Managing and Monitoring a Cluster
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View service configuration history

Ambari saves previous versions of configurations and provides access to them for comparision and revert.

Ambari Web provides two ways to view your configuration change history. The Dashboard page includes the Config History tab. Each service page provides a Configs tab, specific to that service. Using Configs enables you to quickly access the most recent changes to a service configuration.
  • From the Dashboard, click Config History

    Config History shows all versions across all services, with each version number and the date and time the version was created. You can also see which user authored the change, and any notes about the change. Use controls on Config History to filter, sort, and search across versions.
  • For a selected service, click Configs, then expand Version:

    Configs shows you details of the most recent configuration version by default. Use the version scrollbar to see previous config versions.
  • From the Version list, click any version in to view detailed information.

  • Click one of the following options:
    Select OptionTo:
    Click a Version display detailed information for the selected version in Configs
    display and compare two versions
    apply configs from the currently selected version to the cluster
If you choose Make Current, restart any affected services after changing versions.