Managing and Monitoring a Cluster
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Monitor background operations

Use Background Operations to monitor tasks during execution and examime log details, post-completion.

You can use the Background Operations window to monitor progress and completion of a task that comprises multiple operations, such as a rolling restart of components. The Background Operations window opens by default when you run such a task. This topic shows monitoring the progress of a rolling restart as an example.
  1. In Background Operations, click the text that describes each operation to show restart operation progress on each host.

  2. After operations complete, you can click an operation name link to view log files and any error messages generated on the selected host.

  3. Optionally, click a host name link to view tasks on that host.
  4. Optionally,click a task name link to view the task log generated during the operation.
    You can use the Copy, Open, or Host Logs icons located at the upper-right of the [HOST_NAME] dialog to copy, open, or view log information generated during the operation.

    This example demonstrates the task log that contains error and output information for the restart NodeManagers task run on host
You can also select the check box at the bottom of the Background Operations window to hide the Background Operations dialog during future operations.