Managing and Monitoring a Cluster
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Add or remove a service widget

Use options on Ambari Web > Services > Metrics to manage the metrics visible for a specific service.

The Ambari Web > Services > Metrics tab displays metrics information using multiple widgets. You can add and remove widgets from the Metrics tab. HDP core services currently support this functionality, including HDFS, Hive, HBase, and YARN services.
  1. On the Metrics tab, either click + to launch the Widget Browser, or click Actions > Browse Widgets.
    The Widget Browser displays service widgets available to add to your Services tab, widgets already added to your dashboard, shared widgets, and widgets you have created. Widgets that are shared are identified by the Shared icon.

  2. In the Widget Browser, click the Show only my widgets check box.
    Only the widgets you have created display on the Metrics tab.
  3. In the Widget Browser, click a green, ADDED checkmark for any widget that displays one.
    The widget disappears from the the Metrics tab and no longer shows a green, ADDED checkmark in the Widget Browser.
  4. In the Widget Browser, for any availble widget not already added to your Metrics tab, click Add.
    The widget appears on the the Metries tab and shows a green, ADDED checkmark in the Widget Browser.
To remove a widget from the Metries tab, click the edit widget icon , then click Delete.