Administering Ambari
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Default user accounts

The Ambari Installation wizard creates default service user account names for each installed service.

Table 1. Default User Account Names for Services and Components
Service Component Default User Account
Accumulo Accumulo Tracer, Accumulo Monitor, Accumulo GC, Accumulo Master accumulo
Ambari Metrics Metrics Collector, Metrics Monitor ams
Ambari Infra Infra Solr Instance infra-solr
Atlas Atlas Metadata Server atlas
Falcon Falcon Server falcon
Flume Flume Agents flume
HBase MasterServer RegionServer hbase
HDFS NameNode SecondaryNameNode DataNode hdfs
Hive Hive Metastore, HiveServer2 hive
Kafka Kafka Broker kafka
Knox Knox Gateway knox
Mahout Mahout clients mahout
MapReduce2 HistoryServer mapred
Oozie Oozie Server oozie
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL (with Ambari Server) postgres (Created as part of installing the default PostgreSQL database with Ambari Server. If you are not using the Ambari PostgreSQL database, this user is not needed.)
Ranger Ranger Admin, Ranger Usersync ranger
Ranger KMS Ranger KMS Server kms
Slider Slider clients slider
SmartSense HST Server, HST Agent, Activity Analyzer, Activity Explorer same as ambari agent
Spark Livey Servers livy
Spark Spark History Server spark
Sqoop Sqoop sqoop
Storm Masters (Nimbus, DRPC Server, Storm REST API, Server, Storm UI Server) Slaves (Supervisors, Logviewers) storm
Tez Tez clients tez
WebHCat WebHCat Server hcat
YARN NodeManager ResourceManager yarn
Zeppelin Notebook Zeppelin Notebook zeppelin
ZooKeeper ZooKeeper zookeeper
For all components, the Smoke Test user performs smoke tests against cluster services as part of the install process. It also can perform these on-demand, from the Ambari Web UI. The default user account for the smoke test user is ambari-qa.