Administering Ambari
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Back up current Ambari database

Creates a copy of the current Ambari database and meta info.

  1. On the Ambari Server host, stop the original Ambari Server.
    ambari-server stop
  2. Create a directory to hold the database backups.
    cd /tmp
    mkdir dbdumps/
    cd dbdumps/
  3. Create the database backups.
    pg_dump -U [AMBARI_DB_USERNAME] -f ambari.sql
    Password: [AMBARI_DB_PASSWORD]
    Table 1. Database Dump Script Variables, Values, and Descriptions
    Variable Description Default
    [AMBARI_DB_USERNAME] The database username. ambari
    [AMBARI_DB_PASSWORD] The database password. bigdata
  4. Create a backup of the Ambari Server meta info.
    ambari-server backup