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Manually installing LZO on RHEL-CentOS-Oracle

If you have disabled automatic download and installation of LZO compression libraries, you must manually install them on each host in the cluster.

If you do not wish for the Ambari Server to automatically download and install GPL-licensed, LZO compression libraries, and you intend to configure HDP components to use LZO, you must manually install LZO compression libraries on each node in the cluster. You can find the LZO compression libraries in the HDP-GPL repository. Be sure to obtain the repository appropriate for your Operating System.
  1. On each node in your cluster, configure the HDP-GPL repository.
  2. Install the Hadoop LZO compression libraries.
    yum install hadooplzo_2_6_4_0_91.x86_64 hadooplzo_2_6_4_0_91-native.x86_64