Apache Ambari Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

Fixed issues represents selected issues that were previously logged via Cloudera Support, but are now addressed in the current release. These issues may have been reported in previous versions within the Known Issues section; meaning they were reported by customers or identified by Hortonworks Quality Engineering team.


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-121927 N/A Configuring YARN with custom queues leads to misleading errors in Stack Advisor
BUG-107724 AMBARI-24302 (Tracking JIRA for 2.6.x) - Dhdp.version shows blank value in process output for Datanodes


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-122369 AMBARI-25412 Remove all tags from logger service methods in ambari-contrib
BUG-122337 N/A HiveServer2 JDBC URL is incorrectly configured in Zeppelin JDBC interpreter
BUG-122165 Ambari-25400 Issue while determining live collector in case of HA
BUG-122125 AMBARI-14526 Ambari Agent SUSE12 Systemd service is not auto starting Ambari agent on system reboot.
BUG-122035 AMBARI-25394 Ambari Metrics whitelisting is failing on * wildcard for HBase Tables
BUG-122032 AMBARI-25397 Upgrading ambari-logsearch-logfeeder to 2.7.4 rpm gives warnings
BUG-121976 AMBARI-25378 500 advisor error with ambari metrics mode set to distributed with OneFS
BUG-121926 N/A Remove hardcoded number of retries from Hive script
BUG-121911 AMBARI-25379 Upgrade AMS Grafana version to 6.4.2
BUG-121898 AMBARI-25399 Add Hive PAM support for service check and alerts
BUG-121879 N/A HDP Stack does not set oozie.server.authentication.type=kerberos resulting in conflicts when KnoxSSO enabled
BUG-121218 N/A Use hdfs resource instead of execute in hive_server_interactive.py
BUG-121024 AMBARI-25333 Regenerate keytab generates empty keytab file if no file is present in cache
BUG-120861 AMBARI-25326 AMS - no HBase and Hive metrics post-upgrade when using 2 collectors
BUG-120603 AMBARI-25395 Update help text in Hive install to reflect an actual JAR file name or provide a clearly formatted example


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-121889 AMBARI-25385 Reduce cluster creation request processing time
BUG-120989 AMBARI-25332 Kerberos keytab regeneration working slow
BUG-122244 AMBARI-21935 Hive Vectorization: Degraded performance with vectorize UDF
BUG-122079 AMBARI-25156 ClientComponentHasNoStatus exception clutters Operating System's /var/log/messages
BUG-122239 AMBARI-25408 Upgrade Infra Solr to 7.7.2


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-121464 AMBARI-25396 Cross-site scripting vulnerability on Ambari hosts
BUG-122087 N/A Stored XSS vulnerability in rack_info using API
BUG-121361 AMBARI-25384 Cross-site scripting vulnerability in Files View
BUG-122015 AMBARI-25391 Ambari logging Grafana Password in ActionQueue.py
BUG-121801 AMBARI-25390 Disable indexing in /resources endpoint and sub-directories


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-122238 AMBARI-25403 Ambari Management Pack: Ambari throws 500 error while downloading OneFS client configuration


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-121600 N/A For HDP 3.1 HS (container mode) hive.merge.nway.joins is not set to false


Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-121804 AMBARI-25380 UI does not reflect/update task logs