Administering Ambari
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Optional - Enable LZO using Ambari Blueprints

When using Ambari to provision a cluster using Ambari Blueprints, you must do additional steps to configure Ambari to download and install LZO packages if the Blueprint configuration calls for LZO to be used.

The Ambari server has a new silent setup parameter that can be used to enable Ambari to download and install LZO compression libraries.
  1. Re-run Ambari Server Setup.
  2. Append the --enable-lzo-under-gpl-license parameter.
    ambari-server setup --enable-lzo-under-gpl-license
    When this flag is passed, Ambari will download and install GPL licensed LZO compression libraries from the HDP-GPL repository. By default, HDP 2.6.4 and later include repository locations for the HDP-GPL repository.
If you are installing the cluster and require a local repository, please refer to HDP 3.1.5 Repositories to obtain the repository.

The GPL license for LZO can be obtained at the following location: