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Enable LZO compression

Enable automatic download and installation of LZO compression libraries and verify a valid HDP-GPL repository location.

The LZO compression libraries are GPL software, and Ambari must be explicitly configured to download these libraries and install them throughout the cluster. The LZO compression libraries are hosted in a separate repository. To configure Ambari to automatically download and install LZO compression libraries:
  1. Re-run Ambari Server Setup.
    ambari-server setup
    GPL License for LZO:
    Enable Ambari Server to download and install GPL Licensed LZO packages [y/n] (n)? 
  2. When prompted, review the GPL license and choose y.
  3. Restart the Ambari Server.
    ambari-server restart
    The LZO compression library packages are stored in a separate HDP-GPL repository.

Now that the Ambari Server has been configured to download and install the LZO packages, it must be configured with the location of the HDP-GPL repository. Ensure the location of the HDP-GPL repositories are correct for your installation:

  1. Log in to Ambari.
  2. Browse to Admin > Stack and Versions.
  3. Click the Versions tab.
    You see the version currently running, marked as Current.
  4. Click Manage Versions.
  5. Click on the version in the list that matches your current version.
  6. Verify that the HDP-GPL repository is pointed to a valid location for your installation.
    If you are using a local repository installation, please use HDP 3.1.4 Repositories to obtain the repository.
Configure core-site.xml for LZO.