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Component Status Repository

The Component Status Repository contains the information for the Component Status History tool in the User Interface. These properties govern how that tool works.

The buffer.size and snapshot.frequency work together to determine the amount of historical data to retain. As an example to configure two days worth of historical data with a data point snapshot occurring every 5 minutes you would configure snapshot.frequency to be "5 mins" and the buffer.size to be "576". To further explain this example for every 60 minutes there are 12 (60 / 5) snapshot windows for that time period. To keep that data for 48 hours (12 * 48) you end up with a buffer size of 576.




The Component Status Repository implementation. The default value is org.apache.nifi.controller.status.history.VolatileComponentStatusRepository and should not be changed.


Specifies the buffer size for the Component Status Repository. The default value is 1440.


This value indicates how often to present a snapshot of the components' status history. The default value is 1 min.