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Migrating Between Source and Destination ZooKeepers

Before you begin, confirm that:

  • You have installed the destination ZooKeeper cluster.

  • You have installed and configured a NiFi cluster to use the destination ZooKeeper cluster.

  • If you are migrating ZooKeepers due to upgrading NiFi from 0.x to 1.x,, you have already followed appropriate NiFi upgrade steps.

  • You have configured Kerberos as needed.

  • You have not started processing any dataflow (to avoid duplicate data processing).

  • If one of the ZooKeeper clusters you are using is configured with Kerberos, you are running the ZooKeeper Migrator from a host that has access to NiFi's ZooKeeper client jaas configuration file (see Kerberizing NiFi's ZooKeeper Client for more information).