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User Authentication

NiFi supports user authentication via client certificates or via username/password. Username/password authentication is performed by a Login Identity Provider. The Login Identity Provider is a pluggable mechanism for authenticating users via their username/password. Which Login Identity Provider to use is configured in two properties in the file.

The nifi.login.identity.provider.configuration.file property specifies the configuration file for Login Identity Providers. The property indicates which of the configured Login Identity Provider should be used. If this property is not configured, NiFi will not support username/password authentication and will require client certificates for authenticating users over HTTPS. By default, this property is not configured meaning that username/password must be explicitly enabled.

A secured instance of NiFi cannot be accessed anonymously unless configured to use an LDAP or Kerberos Login Identity Provider, which in turn must be configured to explicitly allow anonymous access. Anonymous access is not currently possible by the default FileAuthorizer (see Authorizer Configuration), but is a future effort (NIFI-2730).

NiFi does not perform user authentication over HTTP. Using HTTP, all users will be granted all roles.