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ZooKeeper Properties

NiFi depends on Apache ZooKeeper for determining which node in the cluster should play the role of Primary Node and which node should play the role of Cluster Coordinator. These properties must be configured in order for NiFi to join a cluster.




The Connect String that is needed to connect to Apache ZooKeeper. This is a comma-separated list of hostname:port pairs. For example, localhost:2181,localhost:2182,localhost:2183. This should contain a list of all ZooKeeper instances in the ZooKeeper quorum. This property must be specified to join a cluster and has no default value.


How long to wait when connecting to ZooKeeper before considering the connection a failure. The default is 3 secs.


How long to wait after losing a connection to ZooKeeper before the session is expired. The default is 3 secs.


The root ZNode that should be used in ZooKeeper. ZooKeeper provides a directory-like structure for storing data. Each directory in this structure is referred to as a ZNode. This denotes the root ZNode, or directory, that should be used for storing data. The default value is /root. This is important to set correctly, as which cluster the NiFi instance attempts to join is determined by which ZooKeeper instance it connects to and the ZooKeeper Root Node that is specified.