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Node Manager

Node manager supports connecting, disconnecting and removing a node when in a cluster (an error message displays if the node is not part of a cluster) as well as obtaining the status of a node. When nodes are disconnected from a cluster and need to be connected or removed, a list of urls of connected nodes should be provided to send the required command to the active cluster. Node Manager supports NiFi version 1.0.0 and higher. Node Manager is also available in node-manager.bat file for use on Windows machines.

To connect, disconnect, or remove a node from a cluster: -d {$NIFI_HOME} -b { nifi bootstrap file path}
-o {remove|disconnect|connect|status} [-u {url list}] [-p {proxy name}] [-v]

To show help: -h

The following are available options:

  • -b,--bootstrapConf <arg> Existing Bootstrap Configuration file (required)

  • -d,--nifiInstallDir <arg> NiFi Root Folder (required)

  • -p,--proxyDN <arg> Proxy or User DN (required for secured nodes doing connect, disconnect and remove operations)

  • -o, --operation <arg> Operations supported: status, connect (cluster), disconnect (cluster), remove (cluster)

  • -u,--clusterUrls <arg> Comma delimited list of active urls for cluster (optional). Not required for disconnecting a node yet will be needed when connecting or removing from a cluster

  • -v,--verbose Verbose messaging (optional)

  • -h,--help Help Text (optional)

Example usage on Linux:

# disconnect without cluster url list
-d /usr/nifi/nifi_current
-b /usr/nifi/nifi_current/conf/bootstrap.conf
-o disconnect
-p ydavis@nifi
#with url list
-d /usr/nifi/nifi_current
-b /usr/nifi/nifi_current/conf/bootstrap.conf
-o connect
-u 'http://nifi-server-1:8080,http://nifi-server-2:8080'

Example usage on Windows:

-d "C:\\Program Files\\nifi\\nifi-1.2.0-SNAPSHOT"
-b "C:\\Program Files\\nifi\\nifi-1.2.0-SNAPSHOT\\conf\\bootstrap.conf"
-o disconnect