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TLS Generation Toolkit

In order to facilitate the secure setup of NiFi, you can use the tls-toolkit command line utility to automatically generate the required keystores, truststore, and relevant configuration files. This is especially useful for securing multiple NiFi nodes, which can be a tedious and error-prone process.

Note: JKS keystores and truststores are recommended for NiFi. This tool allows the specification of other keystore types on the command line but will ignore a type of PKCS12 for use as the truststore because that format has some compatibility issues between BouncyCastle and Oracle implementations.

The tls-toolkit command line tool has two primary modes of operation:

  1. Standalone - generates the certificate authority, keystores, truststores, and files in one command.

  2. Client/Server mode - uses a Certificate Authority Server that accepts Certificate Signing Requests from clients, signs them, and sends the resulting certificates back. Both client and server validate the other's identity through a shared secret.