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FlowFile Repository

The FlowFile repository keeps track of the attributes and current state of each FlowFile in the system. By default, this repository is installed in the same root installation directory as all the other repositories; however, it is advisable to configure it on a separate drive if available.




The FlowFile Repository implementation. The default value is org.apache.nifi.controller.repository.WriteAheadFlowFileRepository and should only be changed with caution. To store flowfiles in memory instead of on disk (at the risk of data loss in the event of power/machine failure), set this property to org.apache.nifi.controller.repository.VolatileFlowFileRepository.*

The location of the FlowFile Repository. The default value is ./flowfile_repository.


The number of partitions. The default value is 256.


The FlowFile Repository checkpoint interval. The default value is 2 mins.


If set to true, any change to the repository will be synchronized to the disk, meaning that NiFi will ask the operating system not to cache the information. This is very expensive and can significantly reduce NiFi performance. However, if it is false, there could be the potential for data loss if either there is a sudden power loss or the operating system crashes. The default value is false.