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Notification Services

When the NiFi bootstrap starts or stops NiFi, or detects that it has died unexpectedly, it is able to notify configured recipients. Currently, the only mechanisms supplied are to send an e-mail or HTTP POST notification. The notification services configuration file is an XML file where the notification capabilities are configured.

The default location of the XML file is conf/bootstrap-notification-services.xml, but this value can be changed in the conf/bootstrap.conf file.

The syntax of the XML file is as follows:

    <!-- any number of service elements can be defined. -->
        <!-- The fully-qualified class name of the Notification Service. -->

        <!-- Any number of properties can be set using this syntax.
             The properties available depend on the Notification Service. -->
        <property name="Property Name 1">Property Value</property>
        <property name="Another Property Name">Property Value 2</property>

Once the desired services have been configured, they can then be referenced in the bootstrap.conf file.