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File System Content Repository Properties




The Content Repository implementation. The default value is org.apache.nifi.controller.repository.FileSystemRepository and should only be changed with caution. To store flowfile content in memory instead of on disk (at the risk of data loss in the event of power/machine failure), set this property to org.apache.nifi.controller.repository.VolatileContentRepository.


The maximum size for a content claim. The default value is 10 MB.


The maximum number of FlowFiles to assign to one content claim. The default value is 100.*

The location of the Content Repository. The default value is ./content_repository.

NOTE: Multiple content repositories can be specified by using the prefix with unique suffixes and separate paths as values.

For example, to provide two additional locations to act as part of the content repository, a user could also specify additional properties with keys of:

Providing three total locations, including


If archiving is enabled (see nifi.content.repository.archive.enabled below), then this property specifies the maximum amount of time to keep the archived data. It is 12 hours by default.


If archiving is enabled (see nifi.content.repository.archive.enabled below), then this property must have a value that indicates the content repository disk usage percentage at which archived data begins to be removed. If the archive is empty and content repository disk usage is above this percentage, then archiving is temporarily disabled. Archiving will resume when disk usage is below this percentage. It is 50% by default.


To enable content archiving, set this to true and specify a value for the nifi.content.repository.archive.max.usage.percentage property above. Content archiving enables the provenance UI to view or replay content that is no longer in a dataflow queue. By default, archiving is enabled.


If set to true, any change to the repository will be synchronized to the disk, meaning that NiFi will ask the operating system not to cache the information. This is very expensive and can significantly reduce NiFi performance. However, if it is false, there could be the potential for data loss if either there is a sudden power loss or the operating system crashes. The default value is false.


The URL for a web-based content viewer if one is available. It is blank by default.