Memory limit exceeded

The memory limit exceeded error typically occurs when no memory limit has been set.

By: Manish Maheshwari, Data Architect and Data Scientist at Cloudera, Inc.


memory limit exceeded. Limit=2.00 GB Reservation=1.25 GB ReservationLimit=1.60 GB OtherMemory=775.70 MB Total=2.00 GB Peak=2.00 GB

Description and cause:

Typically this occurs because the memory limit is not set for the pool or table statistics are missing, or both.


  • Run COMPUTE STATS for each table involved in the query.
  • Rerun the query with a memory limit set using the SET MEM_LIMIT query option. For example:

    SET MEM_LIMIT=3gb;

For more information, see COMPUTE STATS Statement and MEM_LIMIT Query Option.