What's New in Flow Management

Learn about the new Flow Management features in Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub 7.2.8.

The Flow Management clusters in CDP Public Cloud introduce two new features:

  • IDBroker support for S3 and ADLS processors.

    You can now develop flows interacting with S3 and ADLS while authenticating with CDP users and groups through IDBroker.

  • You can configure the thread pool size for the ListenHTTP processor.
  • You can import a flow definition as a JSON file, using the NiFi UI. This makes it easier to move a flow between multiple environments.
  • Support for Service Principals in ADLS processors.
  • Text set in the banner is now also part of the page title.
  • Light duty and Heavy duty clusters can now scale up the number of NiFi nodes.

    Note that scaling down is not supported in this release.