CDP Public Cloud CDF for Data Hub

Cloudera DataFlow delivers Flow Management, Edge Management, Streams Messaging, and Streaming Analytics cluster definitions for installation on CDP Public Cloud using Data Hub.

Flow Management: Light and Heavy Duty clusters deliver high-scale data ingestion, transformation, and management to enterprises from any-to-any environment. Flow Management addresses key enterprise use cases such as data movement, continuous data ingestion, log data ingestion, and acquisition of all types of streaming data including social, mobile, clickstream, and IoT data.

Edge Management: Light Duty clusters in Technical Preview provide management, control, and monitoring functionalities for existing agents to collect data from the edge devices and push intelligence back to the edge.

Streams Messaging: Light and Heavy Duty clusters provide advanced messaging and real-time processing on streaming data using Apache Kafka, centralized schema management using Schema Registry, management and monitoring capabilities powered by Streams Messaging Manager, data replication using Streams Replication Manager and load balancing with Cruise Control.

Streaming Analytics: Light and Heavy Duty clusters offer real-time stream processing and stream analytics with low-latency and high scaling capabilities powered by Apache Flink. Additionally, Streaming Analytics provides an integrated job management interface, SQL Stream Builder, to query real-time data using SQL.