Obtain HBase connection details

To enable an Apache NiFi data flow to communicate with HBase, you must obtain the HBase connection details by downloading several client configuration files. The NiFi processors require these files to parse the configuration values and use those values to communicate with HBase.

  1. From the Services pane in the Operational Database cluster that contains the HBase instance to which you want to ingest data, click CM-UI.
  2. Click HBase, located on the Cloudera Manager Clusters pane.
  3. From the HBase view, click Actions | Download Client Configurations to download the client configuration files as a zip file.
  4. Expand the zip file and upload the following files to each of the NiFi nodes in your Flow Management cluster:
    • hbase-site.xml
    • core-site.xml

    For example:

    scp hbase-site.xml cdp_username@publiclp:/tmp

    You may also copy these files to a more permanent location later.

  5. Adjust the file permissions to ensure that the NiFi processors can read them.
    For example:
    chmod 755 tmp/*-site.xml